Guidance counselors establish new form of communication

Maddie Hirschfield, Author

The guidance counselors have initiated a new, easier way of communication with students. The Counselor’s Corner is a table that students can stop by at and ask various questions. The table has at least two counselors to ask questions and is set up during all lunches.

“[It’s] just to answer any questions that students might have. I know this month, we are working with our seniors and trying to help them with college applications and trying to match their Common App to Naviance. So, that’s why we’re here this week,” Mrs. Robin May, Guidance, said.

The table will be set up at various times throughout the school year for students to ask questions.

“I think right now we are looking at every Friday until Fall Break, and then after that once a month,” Ms. Brynn Denton, Guidance, said.