Fall fashion forward


Alayna Wallace, Author

As mid-October approaches, the fashion world completes a 180 degree transition from bold summery styles to this season’s latest fall trends.

One of the new must-haves are ripped dark, denim jeans or sleek skinnies that leave little to no wiggle room. Lake Central has been taking this trendy style to school.

For fall’s chilly temperatures, students and fashion gurus are matching ripped denim with flannels and band tees–a tasteful tribute to the 90s.

In order to put one’s best foot forward, one must be conscious of a new fashion craze–knee-high boots. Short, ankle high shoes known as “booties” are out for this year. The layering of knee-high boots with thigh-high socks enforces a cozier look.

Playing off the comfortable vibe set for women’s fashion this season, men’s fashion is putting tapered sweatpants with blazers, scarves, and knit sweater. Men’s classic colors for this season–black and white.

Alternative autumn preferences are in style as long as one wears well and with confidence.