We have spirit, How about you?


Jimmy Lafakis, Author

We are one-fourth of the way through the year, and a surplus of school spirit has permeated throughout the halls of LC.

I reflect on Homecoming Week, when #LCHOCO2K14 swept the Tri-Town area. The fierce competition on Twitter and Instagram brought the Tribe together. It was cool to dress up. It was cool to participate.

Recently, the volleyball team squared off against Valpo for the DAC title. Although the outcome was undesirable, the passion in the arena was palpable. Basketball players and football players alike came to support their friends on the court. Day by day, the unification has increased, and I believe it will continue to grow exponentially.

Colin Chenoweth (12) created an LC Fan Section account. In less than two months, the account has garnered almost 600 followers. At the football contests, we are loud and proud. We cheer on the warriors of the gridiron and watch them reap the benefits of their hard work. The fruits of their labor are on display, and our student section shows an ardent passion for our team.

This is what we stand for. We are happy for our friends, and share the joy of our accomplishments with them. The Indians have enjoyed great success throughout the course of this quarter. The best part? We’re not done. Not even close. Roll Tribe.