Battle of the Burgers: Local restaurants connect with local teams


Jessica McCullough, Author

Since Sept. 22, the Meatheads restaurants in Schererville and Munster have been hosting a local “burger battle,” between LC football and Munster football. Both teams were instructed to create their own burger which would be featured on the Menu until the end of the battle on Oct. 19.

“I went to Meatheads and noticed the Munster vs. LC competition and of course I supported LC.  Their burger was phenomenal, I will be going again before it ends,” Nathan Daliege (11) said.

Throughout the weeks of the battle, the scoreboard has fluctuated with the number of burgers ordered from each team.

“The burger’s pretty good.  We’re losing by a ton but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good burger,” Paul Centanni (11) said.

Not only does the burger battle promote both football teams and their seasons, but it also helps out the team by giving them 10% of each burger’s sale.

  “I feel like them helping us out is a real nice thing and giving us 10% of the profits helps us out even more,” Centanni said.