Cross country darts to the win


Kameron Konopasek (11) heads the pack of runners around the outer perimeter of the course and into the woods. He finished in 6th place overall with a time of 17:05.

Breanna Dobos, Author

The boys and girls cross country teams traveled to Lemon Lake to compete in the IHSAA regional meet on Saturday, Oct. 18. They boys team came in third with 49 points and the girls won first with a score of 20 points.

“I think we did good. We all stayed as a pack and we just did as best as we could, we stayed as a team and we stayed as our pack and we through surges in,” Jennifer Crague (10) said.

The tough weather conditions made it harder for the teams to run; people were slipping around due to the muddy ground.

“Yeah, the weather made it a lot harder, it was very muddy, and it was all around bad. It was cold, muddy, I ran a minute slower than last week, it was bad,” Kameron Konopasek (11)  said.

The girls team came in first place at the sectional meet and at regional meet.

“It’s a good feeling that means that everybody on the team has done their part, everyone is racing well and i think that we are right where we are supposed to be right now. We are looking good for semi-state, so that’s exciting,” Crague said.

Both teams will travel to New Prairie for the semi-state meet on Oct. 25, .