Dying to watch “Dexter”


Jillian Wilschke, Author

I have never been one to handle scary things well. When Halloween approaches, I quickly change the channel when a spooky movie is showing, and no amount of monetary incentive could lure me to walk through a haunted local attraction. Therefore, it surprises me how I was attracted to the television series “Dexter” in the first place.

My first encounter with the series “Dexter” took place in my Film Literature class. After this class exposed me to a few episodes, I was hooked and turned to Netflix in pursuit of fulfilling my new obsession with this series. Before I knew it, I completed all 12 episodes of season one.

Since I am not one who finds pleasure in being frightened, I was surprised that I continued to watch the hour long episodes filled with blood and gore. It is no spoiler to know that Dexter Morgan (played by Michael C. Hall), the main character of the series, is a serial killer. However, he is a serial killer who ends the lives of people who are a threat to society and commit devious and dangerous crimes. He discovers these people through his work with the Miami Metro Police Department. Dexter’s serial-killer secret stays hidden behind his job as a forensic blood spatter analyst. His serial killer secret adds an interesting twist to a show that would have been just another crime-fighting show like C.S.I., which often result in elicit eye rolls from me.

Dexter’s private serial killer status while working for a police department is ironic, but it is not the only irony that viewers catch in the show. The irony present and the quick mind of Dexter keeps me on the edge of my seat. The cliff hanger conclusions to the episodes also kept me craving episode after episode. While each of the first season episodes feature a crime to solve, the episodes tie together as the police department tries to solve the mysterious and recurring crimes of the “Ice Truck Killer.”

Since “Dexter” is about a serial killer and a police department, there is no escape from the blood and gore that parallels death. Therefore, I would not recommend this series to the extremely faint of heart. But, if you are craving an eerie and mysterious series to begin watching as the Halloween season is in full swing, the first season of “Dexter” is a show to turn to.