Seniors tackle college apps


A row of books sit stacked on a shelf in the guidance office. The books, with topics ranging from majors to scholarships, can be used by students.

Maddie Hirschfield, Author

As the beginning of the school year passes and deadlines quickly approach, many seniors are completing their college applications. This process differs from student to student, but they all have one common goal: to complete their applications and get accepted into schools.

Several college applications revolve around the same requirements: extracurricular activities, test scores, grades, class schedule and essays. Some schools also ask for a class rank, which Lake Central does not provide anymore. Students have found that the elimination of class rank may be holding them back in terms of college acceptance.

“On my applications, I can either type in my class rank or put my percentile. I do not want to put in my percentile because it makes me look worse than what I actually am. If I knew my class rank, it would be very helpful. I believe that our school should give class ranks. We work hard, and we deserve to know our rank. I think if I do not put my class rank, I will [have trouble] getting accepted into [my top school],” Amanda Roberts (12) said.

While the student does much of the work when completing applications, guidance counselors also have a part in the process. Counselors write letters of recommendation, provide a school report, fill out a rating scale and do much more for students. They also work with juniors to make the application process easier for the student as a senior.

“We [work] with our juniors to guarantee that they have the right path that they’re looking for, for the type of diploma [they want]. Then, if we know what program they’re interested in, we can help guide them to the classes that we know the universities want them to have in order to get into that subject area,” Mrs. Laurel Bankroff, Guidance, said.

College applications come with much stress and anxiety, but many students find that the process is worth it when all is finished. Many seniors are looking forward to getting accepted and focusing on the end of the year.

“I think it’s worth it definitely because once you get accepted to schools that you have been working all your high school career for, it’s probably the greatest feeling in the world. After I am done, I will feel so much better. I will feel like everything is lifted off my shoulders, and I am going to start focusing on getting my GPA up for graduation,” Roberts said.