Climbing up the ladder: Mountain Lion to Yosemite


Apple’s logo for the new update, OS X Yosemite. The update came out on October 21, 2014 around 3:20 p.m.

Kayla Hallowell, Author

On Oct. 21, 2014 around 3:20 p.m. Apple lovers received an email from Apple saying that a new, free version for Mac came out, OSX Yosemite.  This update includes smaller updates to old features and many new ones. Here is an overview of just a few outstanding improvements.

Yosemite’s design is out of this world.  Apps are now “cleaner” and “smoother” making the look flow.  Some other improvements are logging into your computer with your Apple ID, creating different users for your Mac, and the location of  making a window fullscreen.

Mail just made things a whole lot easier.  You can now “fill” in form on the computer without having to write anything.  You can also add you own signature for letters, resumes or any other document.  Just sign it on a trackpad and save it.

Handoff is a cool and useful tool; you can start an activity on your phone and pick it up from your laptop.  Handoff is useful for calendar, contacts, mail and phone calls.  Does your household have a Mac and iOS device?  AirDrop takes documents from a Mac to an iOS device or vis versa; this works almost like hand off.

Family Sharing is something new Apple added.  Once you make an account anyone on it can access movies, apps, calendar, and much more. Your family then can add and edit events.

Sending text messages and phone calls from your Mac is now available.  When someone messages you, either on an iPhone or non iPhone, it will appear on your Mac. Screen sharing gives you the opportunity to show the other person what you are doing.

Having trouble with connecting to internet?  By making your iPhone a hotspot your Mac can pick the up the connection.  Being connected to an iPhones hotspot can save data on you internet plan and check battery life easily.  There is one new search engine that is completely new; Duck Duck Go.  This search engine does not store users’ search history or personal information.

To see a detailed explincaton of the update to go  Keep your eyes open for more updates by Apple in the future.