The Pretty Reckless takes on the House of Blues Chicago


The Pretty Reckless

Noelle McBride, Author

The small venue of the House of Blues was jam-packed, waiting for Taylor Momsen to show her face on Oct. 24.

The opening band, Crash Midnight, set everyone in a dreary mood. Not only was their music upsetting, but their performance was even worse. Altogether, they sounded amateurish and did not match up to the two artists that followed.

Adelita’s Way, the next opening artist, was amazing. They brought the mood from upsetting and irritating to cheerful and ready to rock.

This band is highly recommended for anyone that is interested in rock and roll music. The lead singer, Rick DeJesus, has a powerful voice that does not get surpassed by the instruments in his band.

Last but not least, The Pretty Reckless came on and brought the show to its peak and its resolution.

As a regular concert-goer, I have never seen such a small venue get packed so tight and still have the energy to dance around. The band really proved to meet the audience’s expectations.

The Pretty Reckless brought the house down.