Success at Semi-state


The girls wait for the firing of the gun at the start of the race. Four of these runners placed in the top twenty.

Jenna Crawford, Author

On Saturday, Oct. 25, the girls cross country team traveled to New Prairie High School to participate in the Semi State meet. The team got 2nd place overall, with 4 of the girls in the top 20 runners. The team will be advancing to the state meet on Nov. 1.

“I think I did good. As a team, we did good, too. My teammates pushed me, I pushed them. We did the best we could,” Jennifer Crague (10) said.

Four out of the seven Lake Central girls were in the top 20 runners. They were Jennifer Crague (10), Sydney Vandersteeg (10), Maritza Castaneda (12) and Sarah Hunsely (10).

“Our coach wanted us to finish in the top 20 and we did. Four of us were in the top 20,” Castaneda said.

Although the team has done well at past meets, there are aspects that they wish to improve upon.

“There’s always something we can improve. Moving up in the pack and just getting ahead of the next girl in the region, that’s really important,”Crague said.

Staying ahead of competitors during the race is highly important to the team, too.

“Keeping our place and getting ahead of Portage and Valparaiso [is important],” Castaneda said.

Throughout the season, the group of girls have had many accomplishments. At both the Lemon Lake and Riverside Park meets they received first place. Also, at the Rudy Skorupa Invitational, they placed second. The girls are eager to compete and do great things at the statewide meet.