Teaching German


Lauryn Winarski (12) helps a student with her worksheet. She had a small group with a couple of other high schoolers, and there were other groups as well.

Emily Rey, Author

The German III class took a trip to Watson on Tuesday to teach a first-grade class the basics of the German language. The language classes have been going to different schools and classes during their matrix classes.

“I really enjoyed working with the little kids. I want to work with kids in to future, so it was really nice to go to Watson,” Emily Hansen (11) said.

The German class went over colors as well as numbers with the first-graders. The younger kids seemed to enjoy learning a new language with the help of older kids.

“I loved watching the high school kids work with the younger kids and seeing my students’ personalities shine through while working with the young ones,” Mrs. Leslie Iwema, World Language, said.

The German classes will travel to Kahler next to teach even more kids the German language.