Fighting until the end


Hannah Giese, Author

On an eerie Halloween night, the varsity football team powered through the intense hailstorm. Even though the team fought until the end and finished with a score of 21-19, the Merrillville Pirates were hailed victors of the storm.

“The weather didn’t really affect the defense because it was kind of an advantage. It affected the offense because of all the winds and hail. The defense did pretty good, but the offense couldn’t really pass the ball with all of the wind,” Nicholas Lucas (10) said.

With 6:17 remaining in the first quarter, Cody Schultz (12) caught the first touchdown. Antwan Davis (12) scored another touchdown at the beginning of  the fourth quarter, and shortly afterward Brandon Scott (12) scored the last touchdown of the season with 10:31 left in the game.

“Going into the game, I felt pretty good and confident. I thought we were going to get off to a good start and win. The weather was a huge factor. I really had a good time here and I thank everyone for supporting me and doing everything they can to help me,” Davis said.

Friday night marked the close to an emotional season, as 25 seniors plan to graduate this year.

“The past four years of football I will never forget. You go through the hard times, but you go through some of the best times of your life, and you’re going to miss it,” Logan Lambert (12) said.