Holding on to Twenty One Pilots’ Vessel

Holding on to Twenty One Pilots’ Vessel

Emma DeGroot, Author

Alternative bands and music have taken teens by storm. One of these many bands, Twenty One Pilots, has been slowly growing with more popularity.

Twenty One Pilots’ latest album, Vessel, has brought more attention to the band . Vessel has the upbeat and deep songs that will make up for the cliche, quieter songs near the end. The songs in Vessel will have listeners mesmerized by a sad chorus that’s able to be danced to.

My first listen of a Twenty One Pilots song had me hooked by the end of the chorus. Once I got home, I searched for the song and the album it was on. Needless to say, it was on loop all day.

Twenty One Pilots’ other albums haven’t received as much noise from fans who are also interested in Vessel. Regional At Best, the band’s second album that was released in 2011, shares a few songs with Vessel, such as “Guns for Hands”, “Ode to Sleep”, and “Holding On To You”.

With the newest album there should be a tour set, but Twenty One Pilots doesn’t have any tour dates in the area anytime soon. It is understandable that the recorded live versions are never as good as the real thing, but they are available on YouTube.