Duel of taking dual credit


There were a variety of pamphlets and packets for parents to take as they came in. One of the packets was a copy of the powerpoint.

Tori Wilkes, Author

On November 5, a dual credit information meeting was held in the LGI with presenter Mr. Martin Freeman, Assistant Principal. During the meeting, they discussed what dual credit is and the advantage of taking a dual credit course in high school.

“Dual credit is a secret that should not be kept a secret,” Mr. Martin Freeman, Assistant Principal said.

Students can earn a variety of college credits through dual credit courses that offer the same challenges of college class, while still providing students with a high school environment. Dual credit allows students to save money by not having to pay money to take those courses in college. Some examples of dual credit courses are ACP Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, and Spanish 3 Honors.

Representatives from schools like Indiana University and Ivy Tech were at the meeting and answered questions from concerned parents. Every school has different standards and regulations for accepting credits.

“It depends on the school. If you’re going to a private school [for example] they may take [Advanced Placement] credits over dual credits,” Mr. Freeman said.

Taking dual credit courses is one way to take some money off future college debts.