Publications travels to Washington, D.C.


The United States Capitol is framed by autumn leaves. The Publications class traveled to the Capitol after a trip to the Newseum.

Alayna Wallace, Author

Luggage of all shapes and sizes entered Room 9115 on Nov. 8, as 23 journalism students, Mrs. Sarah Verpooten, Ms. Carrie Wadycki, English, and Ms. Myra Lolkema, Technology Trainer, prepared to journey to Washington, D.C. for the four-day JEA/NSPA  National High School Journalism Convention.

After arriving in the national’s capital, members of the Publications staff along with LCTV staff members, attended various sessions in design, photography, leadership, ethics, broadcast and writing. Even with all of these sessions, there was still time for sightseeing. The group visited the Newseum, a museum specifically relating to modern news and media, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Vietnam Memorial and the World War II Memorial, as well as the White House and the United States Capitol.

“The Newseum was like Disney World for journalists. It was incredible to see bits and pieces of history from a journalistic perspective instead of just what you see in the history books. The Newseum gives you a behind-the-scenes look into events that have shaped the history of the world,” Hannah Sonner (12) said.

On Friday, Nov. 7, students took part in Write-off contests where 2,168 students from across the country participated and a total of 829 were recognized, including a chunk of Lake Central’s Publications staff.

“I was very surprised to receive an Excellent rating in my Write-off, which was Feature Writing. There was a lot of pressure to do well, and it turns out that the pressure seemed to be beneficial. It was really rewarding to receive this award, especially since this convention was the last journalism convention of high school,” Jillian Wilschke (12) said.

The spring convention will be held April 16-19, in Denver, Colo.

Write-off winners include:

Honorable Mention

Sara Lisac (12) – Newswriting

Alayna Wallace (12)  – Editorial Writing

Anastasia Papanikolaou (11) – Press Law and Ethics

Jessica Wojton (10)  – Literary Magazine: Photography

Hannah Reed (12) – Graphic Design: Logo

Jeannine Toth (12) – Graphic Design: Photo Illustration

Jenn Mohamed (12) – Photo Story

Camryn Wallace (10) – Photo Portrait

Jimmy Lafakis (12) – Broadcast Commentary


Jillian Wilschke (12) – Feature Writing

Hannah Sonner (12) – Newspaper Sports Photography

Tabitha Pappas (10) – First Year Photo

NSPA Feature Picture of the Year

Honorable Mention – Noelle McBride (12)

NSPA Best in Show Large School Website

10th place in the nation –