The Lady Indians defeat their rival tribe


Alexis Miestowski (9) has her eye on the ball, waiting for any possible chance to steal it from the other team. The girls’ next game was planned to be at Munster on Nov. 22 at 10 a.m.

Annabella Piunti, Author

The Lake Central freshman girls basketball team faced Portage on Nov. 18 in the friendly confines of the Lady Indians’ gym, and with a final score of 30-14, Lake Central won.

“Portage is always a good competition for us. I thought it was going to be a close game,” Coach Scott Freckleton, Math, said.

Coach Freckleton’s words rang true. The Tribe took a 16-10 advantage going into halftime.

“We started out rough, this was our first real intense game, our other two games were easy games, they weren’t really good teams, so this was a wake up call. We started out really slow and sloppy, but I think that overall we really picked it up and proved that were really not a team to mess with,” Ashley Todd (9) said.

Even though they had a rough start, the ladies were able to pull through and dominate in the end. The strong second half propelled the team to victory.

“I expected my team to work hard and I didn’t really know how good they were or what to really expect of their skill level, but I expected my girls to go in there and show them what skills we have and what we’re better at than them and I expected them to work their hardest as always,” Todd said.

The next game is at Munster High School on Saturday, Nov. 22 at 10 a.m.