First of the season


In the beginning of Quinn Kaurich (10) match, he tries to pin down his opponent. Along with Crown Point competitors were Griffith and LaPorte.

Emma Ritchie, Author

On Nov. 22, the boys JV Wrestling Team competed at Crown Point High School. The tournament welcomed schools from around the Lake County region. The wrestling matches between various high schools had the wrestlers face different talent and skills.

“Crown Point was good when we wrestled them. We keep everything the [in] same [routine] when we prepare to wrestle,” Brett Morris (10) said.

Through every athlete’s life they experience the satisfaction in the win and the disappointment in the lost. It gives players the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and adjust

“I think the team did good as a whole but there are some tweaks that we have to fix to become better. We keep working hard at practice we will be good to go from there,” Tyler Pilackas (10) said.

The team this year has high hopes for a successful season. Crown Point remains a difficult team to go against.

“Our goal is to get more wins than losses and get more experience throughout the season,” Morris said.

The next JV meet is Saturday Nov. 29 at Lake Central at 2 p.m., where both the JV and varsity teams will go head to head.