Conquering the Vikings


Gabrielle O’Keefe (9) sntaches the ball from a Viking player. O’Keefe played tough defense the entire game.

Cami Wallace, Author

On Tuesday, Nov. 25, the freshman girls basketball team won with a score of 46-12 against the Valparaiso Vikings.

“[The Vikings] are about our speed. We have not played another team like that,” Alexis Miestowski (9) said.

Having not played Valparaiso yet this year, the girls were unsure on how the game would turn out.

“We were expecting this to be our hardest conference game, so it is nice to know that we crushed them,” Miestowski said.

Even with the win, the team will continue to strengthen their weakness, preparing to play the teams to come.

“Our offense [has] been doing OK. We’ve been working on our defense.  We need to get a little bit more aggressive on defense,” Coach Scott Freckelton, Math, said.

With the season just starting out, the team has many more conference games to play.

“Thursday we have a big game with Chesterton. Year and year out they are probably one of the toughest we play against.  They are probably one of the toughest conference games that we have this year,” Coach Freckelton said.

Thursday’s game will be held at Chesterton High School at 6:00 p.m.