Q&A: Isabella Kowalczyk (9)


Elena Gorney, Author

Q: What product do you sell?

A: I sell bows, like hair bows made from fabric. I hand make them.

Q: What made you decide to start selling bows?

A:  I used to order bows from a lady on Etsy. I noticed that they cost a lot, so I wanted to [sell] bows to people for a cheaper price.

Q:  How do you sell them?

A:  I have an Instagram page, and I sell them on etsy.

Q:  How do you advertise your bow business?

A:  When people wear [my bows], people will ask them, “Where did you get that bow?” and they’ll tell them [where they got it], and I usually advertise through my Instagram page.

Q:  Where do you get supplies for making your bows?

A:  I mostly get them from Joann’s because they have fabric and stuff.  I usually get clips from different websites online.

Q:  Where do you get ideas for bow designs?

A:  [I get inspiration] from movies, like The Fault in our Stars, and from nature, too.

Q:  How long do your bows take to make?

A:  [The bows take] about five to ten minutes because I want to make them perfect.

Q:  How many bows have you sold?

A:  I don’t know [exactly], but over one hundred.

Q:  Do you make a good profit?

A:  I do, it’s a good profit.

Q:  Do you think you will continue your business?

A:  I hope [to continue]; it takes up time, but when I see people wear my bows it makes me feel good inside.