New Wi-Fi for LC


The Wi-Fi at Lake Central is different now to better be able to monitor what is being searched on the school network. Problems in the past were caused by people using too much bandwidth or data.

Madeline Conley, Author

Recently Lake Central has made changes to its wireless internet connections to be able to better control what is and is not being seen. However, what does that mean for students?

In the past, students were able to access Wi-Fi by going through the lccorp or lcpub connections, but now the only way for students to access Wi-Fi is by using lc-byod. This stands for “bring your own device”.

The main reasons for the switch were to be able to control what is being searched and to prevent students from accessing websites like Netflix or Xfinity TV Go.

Soon all students will be able to use this Wi-Fi. The directions for how to operate it on Apple and Android devices will be released on an undetermined date. Lake Central News will release updated information as soon as possible.