Bring Me The Horizon brings new music


Bring Me The Horizon has released two new tracks since the month of October. One was intentional, while the other was due Dec. 7 but was mysteriously leaked to YouTube early.

Darian Smith, Author

British boy band, Bring Me The Horizon, released two new tracks recently, “Drown” and “Don’t Look Down.”

“Drown” which was due to premiere on BBC Radio on Oct. 21 came a little early when the music video was leaked onto YouTube on Oct. 13.

Mattew Nicholls, percussionist for the band, was less surprised than the fans were to find out their new music video had been leaked. This instance was not the first time, tracks of theirs were released early and unknowingly. Nicholls posted on Instagram joking that it would not be a BMTH release without it being leaked.

“Drown” officially comes out on Dec. 7 but is available for pre-order on iTunes now. While the release of this track may have been a surprise to both the fans and the band, “Don’t Look Down” came out as planned on Oct. 29.

Bring Me The Horizon’s fans have had mixed reviews about both the tracks. Some say the band is selling out and changing their genre, while others like the new sound and are happy the band is reaching out to a wider audience. Either way, anticipation is in the air to see what the band does next.