Cyber Monday


People from all across the world get their credit cards out for cyber Monday. Prices go down and income goes up.

Amber Stedt, Author

Cyber Monday is an easy way to shop and get great deals right from your home. This one day of the year allows people to buy gifts for family and friends via the internet. is one of the main websites used for Cyber Monday.  It has deals for 32” flat screen TVs all the way to a pair of fuzzy socks.

Discounts this year on include 52 percent off of a coffee maker, 57 percent off a sewing machine, 47 percent off a Lady Antabellum Christmas album and many more fantastic deals.

Cyber Monday is a great way for busy people to experience Black Friday on their own time. Not only does have deals for Cyber Monday, but Target, Walmart and Best Buy also have competing prices. It  is a more convenient way to save on products.