Unexpected fire alarm takes students off-guard


Students and teachers walk back inside the building in the cold and rain. The fire alarm on Dec. 8 interrupted school during 6th period.

Noelle McBride, Author

During 6th hour on Dec. 8, a fire alarm pulled students from their warm classrooms into the wet, 34-degree weather outside.

“The fire alarm system activated and people cleaned the building as they were supposed to. Once the fire chief said it was okay to come back in the building, everybody came back in as quickly as possible,” Mr. Robin Tobias, Principal, said.

Though all of the students got out of the building on time and safely, they were left shivering outside in the cold while the situation was assessed.

“A lot of people probably got sick. Especially since it’s so cold outside, it was freezing,” Natalia Klekotko (11) said.

The thought of getting sick was not the only thing on many of the students’ minds as the rain drizzled down onto them.

“I [was] angry because I woke up early to straighten my hair and now it’s soaked,” Miranda Anuszkiewicz (11) said.