An extensive wait for a night of enjoyment


Tara DeGrauwe (11) and Spencer Wise (11) purchase their tickets in the cafeteria. They were finally able to do this after waiting in the long line after school on Wednesday.

Elena Gorney, Author

Juniors and Seniors who wish to attend Winter Formal waited in line outside the cafeteria to purchase tickets after school on Wednesday, Dec. 10.

The long line extended into Main Street, causing ticket sales, which began after school, to last about an hour.

“[Waiting in line] isn’t bad for an entire night of fun.  Last year my friends made me go, and it was totally worth it,” Tara Degrauwe (11) said.

The cost of tickets is $35 each, and no couple tickets are sold.

“[The prices] are kind of expensive for just going to a hall,” Conrad Spizewski (11) said.

Even though some students may not be satisfied with the price of tickets, they purchase them because they enjoy attending Winter Formal.

“It is worth the night of fun,” Spencer Wise (11) said.

Mrs. Kelsey Becich, English, is in charge of ticket sales.

“[Ticket sales] have been OK. It’s always slower at the beginning of the week because students typically wait until the last minute [to buy their tickets],” Mrs. Becich said.

The last opportunity for students to buy tickets for Winter Formal, which will take place Jan. 25, is after school on Thursday, Dec. 11.  Sophomores will be able to purchase their tickets on Thursday.