Freshman basketball comes out on top


Justin Graves (9) prepares to pass the ball to Adam Reyes (9). A player from Portage attempts to block the pass.

Gianna Mills, Author

The boys freshman basketball team faced Portage in a game at home on Dec. 11. Though the score was close and the boys worked hard for the win, Portage came out on top with a score of 25-23 points.

“We actually communicated a lot on defense, which really never happened this year so far,” Conner Tomasic (9) said.

The boys were proud of the improvements they have made as a team, but also feel they could make even more progress.

“We scored well as individuals, but we didn’t score good as a team,” Justin Graves (9) said.

The team has been working hard towards their individual potentials and are working towards incorporating that into their team performance.

“We really didn’t play at our full potential as a team. We could’ve played a lot better,” Tomasic said.

The improvements they make could be the factors that lead them to the win in future games.

“[We could improve on] ball movement and defense,” Justin Graciano (9) said.

Although they have played hard, the boys are working towards their goals as a team.

“We have to play fluidly through our offense and play as a team,” Tomasic said.

The team will face off against Michigan City on Thursday, Dec. 18 at home.