The Interview


Anastasia Papanikolaou, Author

Following much controversy about the film, The Interview, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, was released on Dec. 25.

Dave Skylark (Franco) is a popular TV talk show host whose fans reach across the globe. As a big fan of Skylark Tonight, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (Randall Park) agrees to an interview with Skylark arranged by the show’s producer Aaron Rapoport (Rogen). CIA agent Lacey (Lizzy Caplan) recruits Skylark and Rapoport to assassinate the North Korean dictator.

The Interview was surrounded by much controversy before the film was released. In June 2014, North Korea threatened the United States if Columbia Pictures, a division of Sony Pictures, went ahead with the release, which was originally scheduled for Oct. 10, 2014. Columbia supposedly edited the film so it would be more acceptable for North Korea, which delayed the release to Christmas day in theaters. In November, a group called the Guardians of Peace hacked Sony and released several internal emails and records. On Dec. 16, the hackers threatened to attack the premiere, prompting a cancellation of the New York Premiere and also a cancellation or delay of many theaters to show the film. On Dec. 25, the film had a limited release in theaters, and was available to renters online through various different websites.

The Interview is a political satire comedy. The First Amendment to The Constitution states that citizens all have freedom of speech, press and assembly. Though this movie was risky with the idea of killing the dictator of a country, but nonetheless still have the right to release the movie and go and see it if one would like. This kind of political satire has been threatened and actually acted upon with the shooting at the Charlie Hebdo, a French political satire magazine headquarters.

Franco and Rogen are a comedic, dynamic duo, but this movie is exactly what people would expect it to be: a funny movie that some people may consider rude. Satire is usually a funny way to make fun of a person or situation. The Interview is a raunchy “bro” comedy, and besides satire, there’s no other way to describe it.