Catching some rays in winter


Alyssa Staszewski (11) tans after school at Envy Tanning in Cedar Lake to prepare for formal. Staszewski went in a level three bed for 12 minutes.

Hannah Bryner, Author

With formal quickly approaching the controversial debate of tanning arises again. Is it worth the risk or not?

“I think tanning is awesome because it makes me prettier. I get to go for free because my sister works at Key West Tanning. I believe that everyone looks better tan. For formal, I started tanning right before Christmas, so a month before the dance. I tan for 20-minute sessions around three or four times a week,” Natalye Johnston (10) said.

Other students are not allowed to tan due to their skin tone or their parents will not allow them.

“I’m not allowed to go tanning because skin cancer runs in my family and my mom won’t allow it. I am Irish so I burn really easily which does not help. I only try to tan outside in the summer and wear a lot of sunscreen. I have accepted the fact that I will be pale in my dress at formal and I will just have to deal with it. Not tanning is better for me in the long run,” Kelly Orze (10).

Tanning is stereotypical for girls preparing for formal. However, some boys like to compete with their dates.

“Last year I went tanning before prom because I could go for free with my friend. I have a tanning bed at my house too. I don’t like being extremely pale and my date looking like she just got back from vacation. I only tan like once every other week though. I think it is a waste of time and there’s better things I could be spending time doing,” Nicholas Frassinone (12) said.