Q&A: Mrs. Denton


Mrs. Denton helps students prepare for their future. This is Mrs. Denton’s first year at Lake Central High School after switching from Munster High School.

Emma DiPasquo, Author

Q: Where did you work the previous year before you worked here?

A: “I worked at Munster High School as a home school facilitator and advisor. It depends on the school district and how they use the term. Here our home school do a lot more social work type counselling. There [Munster High School] i did a lot more career counseling, i worked mostly with seniors, i did a lot of scholarships and helped with testing.”

Q: Was there a big change when you moved from Munster to Lake Central?

A: “Not as much as I expected. I love it here, and am very happy to be here. My kids are great. I have 400 through 420 kids, and I’ve really had a great experience here. The parents and students here have welcomed me, and I like it a lot.”

Q: Are the teachers and students attitudes toward school any different here than Lake Central?

A: “No, not that I have noticed so far. It is such an individual type thing, you are going to have different attitudes everywhere.”

Q: What was the hardest part about coming from Munster to Lake Central?

A: “[The hardest part was] probably just being so unsure about how I was going to fit in with the other staff members, but it has been awesome. The counselors here and Mrs. [Mellissa] Rettig [the dean] and the guidance secretaries are amazing. I think we have a close bond even after a couple months, and I couldn’t be happier.”