Dress to impress


Lake Central girls pose to take a group photo. This was from Prom last year.

Erin Dosen, Author

With Winter Formal approaching, is almost time for the night of elegant dresses, sharp tuxedos and breathtaking flowers.

Recently, the prices of dresses for this special night are skyrocketing.

“I feel like a lot of dresses that girls have bought this year were around $500,” Brooke Renner (12) said.

Dress boutiques are making quite a business around this time. Common prices for dresses for school dances range from $200-$600, but some may exceed those prices.

“I spent about $550 on my dress this year,” Gabrielle Gomez (12) said.

There is a great deal of money spent on dresses. However, Winter Formal comes once a year. This is the night for girls to spoil themselves a little more than usual. Be prepared to see some spectacular dresses this year at Winter Formal.