Ten times stronger than the Devils


Rachael Robards (9) hits the ball toward the opposing basket for her teammates. The final score was 62-6.

Emma DeGroot, Author

On Wednesday, Jan. 23, the JV girls basketball team beat the Lowell Devils with a final score of 62-6.

“I think we did good with offense and defense. I’m pretty excited every game, but it’s another accomplishment,” Laura Ladowski (9) said.

The girls have shown their dedication to the team with another win, but some believe there is still room for improvement.

“It wasn’t the best competition we’ve had, but I think we worked good as a team. We need to talk more and work on defense and have better passes,” Cheyenne Mathas (9) said.

The girls were excited about the win and happy to beat another opponent.

“I feel pretty good about winning. It was a good win. We all worked as a team, and we did well,” Hannah Sarkey (10) said.