Holding Hobart down


Ashley Todd (9) dribbles the ball before passing it to a teammate. The tribe began with a strong lead of 20-1 in the first quarter.

Olivia Oster, Author

On Jan. 22, the Freshman girls basketball team took on the Hobart Brickies at home for a win on their last game of the season.

“Last night I thought we picked it up and I think we played really well. That was a team we lost to previously and I was really glad we got to end the season with a win like that,” Ashley Todd (9) said.

The girls surprised themselves this season.  They overcame many obstacles and worked together in return for a great record.

“This season we were 17-3.  I didn’t think we were going to do that well this year, but we ended up playing really well as a team,” Alexia Miestowski (9) said.

Although the girls had a great season they had some areas that needed improvement.

“I think we should have made more of a team effort instead of an individual,” Nina Zochalski (9) said.

The girls know what they need to improve on for next season and can only go up from here.

“We played very well, the girls gave a lot of effort and really improved from the beginning of the year,” Mr. Scott Freckleton, Mathematics, said.