JV boys trample the Red Devils


Norell Smith (10) realizes that he just made a few points for his team. By second half, the boys were winning with a score of 27-20 after being down in the first half.

Annabella Piunti, Author

On Wednesday, Jan. 21, the boys JV basketball team faced the Lowell Red Devils and came out victorious.

Some of the players were intimidated by Lowell’s team.

“Lowell has a lot of good players, so it was a tough game.” Ryan Davidson (10) said.

Well, it was a tough start to the game indeed. The boys left the first half losing, with a score of 4-9. With the fans cheering in the stands, the boys became more motivated.

“I thought the boys finished really well. The second half went really well. We got off to a sore start, but going into the second half, we were able to knock down some shots from some key scorers from the other team.  [The key players that game were] Austin Atkins (10), Nicholas Bandura (10), Norell Smith (10) and Joseph Graziano (10), just to name a few.” Mr. Dave Milausnic, Math, said.

Ending second half, the boys had a winning score of 27-20.

“Coach told us we need to get better at the little things. And personally, I need to just play well on both ends of the floor at all times,” Davidson said.

Despite the fact they were losing through the first half, the boys won with a overall score of 45-34.