Q&A: Madison Magdziarz (10)


Madison Magdziarz (10) grins as she leans against a wall in Mrs. Pam Neth’s, English, classroom. Being on the mini-stage reminded Madison of her experience at the Thespian State Conference.

Emily Badger, Author

Q: How was your first experience at the Thespian State Conference?

A: It was incredible. There were so many amazing experiences and people whom I would have never known if I didn’t go. I’m thankful I went.

Q: What was your favorite part of the conference?

A: My favorite part of the conference was going to different workshops and learning new theater skills.

Q: What did you learn from the workshops you participated in?

A: I learned how to Cha-Cha. I don’t dance, so I found this to be awesome.

Q: Many plays were performed at the conference. Which was your favorite?

A: My favorite show was ‘And a Child Shall Lead.’ It was about some kids living at a concentration camp during the Holocaust. They read poems that real kids wrote. I may have cried.

Q: Do you plan on attending the Thespian State Conference next year?

A: Definitely. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.