A not-so-conventional love story


The New York Times Bestseller Eleanor & Park was written by Rainbow Rowell. The design was done by Olga Grlic and the illustration was done by Harriet Russell.

Emily Lisac, Author

What starts out as an awkward encounter, transforms into a one-of-a-kind relationship in the novel Eleanor & Park, which is written by Rainbow Rowell.

The novel is set in Omaha, Nebraska in the year 1986. Eleanor, a red haired not-so-fit quirky teenager, is the new girl at school. Her parents are divorced and her complicated family of six is poor. Park, a skinny Asian, is associated with the “cool” kids and is a part of the middle class.

On Eleanor’s first day, Park unwillingly sits with Eleanor on the bus. At first, the two never make eye contact. However, by sharing comic books and cassette tapes, they form a beautiful, odd bond.

Like Eleanor and Park’s relationship, Rainbow Rowell wrote her novel in an unconventional way. Each chapter tells the story in the perspective of either Eleanor or Park. This creates dramatic irony and helps the reader understand both of the character’s personalities. Their love is pure and real, unlike most love stories.