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Q&A: Devonte Brooks (12)

Devonte Brooks (12) displays all of the LC apparel he has collected throughout the years. Brooks has collected multiple shirts, jackets and hats.

Q: What made you want to acquire the shirts?

A: I don’t play any sports at Lake Central. All of my friends do, but I don’t. If I [didn’t have them,] I would feel left out.

Q: What is your favorite sport?

A: My favorite sport is basketball. It is basketball because when we are out in the student section, I feel like we have a huge effect on the game. If we come out with intensity, then the players will respond and match our intensity.

Q: Why are you a Superfan?

A: I am a Superfan simply because it’s fun. It is fun screaming at the opposing team, trying to throw them off their game. It is fun watching my friends ball out. It is so easy to get into high school sports.

Q:How long have you been collecting the shirts?

A: Since sophomore year. The basketball team had black jumpsuits and I just had to get my hands on one.

Q: How many articles of clothing do you own?

A: I have six shirts, four jackets, and one hat.

Q: What kind of apparel do you own?

A: I have three baseball, one tennis, two golf, one swimming, one football, and two basketball [articles] of clothing.

Q: What is the best part of having the shirts?

A: Wearing them in public and feeling like I am a part of the team. I feel like when I wear the shirts, I’m kind of representing the team, so I always have to be on my best behavior. I have so much pride for Lake Central.

Q: Is there any shirt that you want?

A: I need some girls basketball gear. They are so good and I feel like the only people that represent them outside of school are themselves. I need some.

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