The theory of a review


Jodie Hodges, Author

As soon as I heard about The Theory of Everything, I knew I had to see it.  The movie was released in November, and after months of anticipation and excitement, I finally made my way to the movie theater to see it. I entered the theater with high expectations, and I left highly satisfied.

The movie follows Stephen Hawkins (Eddie Redmayne) throughout his struggles with Motor Neuron Disease. At the young age of 21, Hawkins was diagnosed and given two years to live. Instead of being bogged down, Hawkins began working harder to learn and discover as much as he could before his time was up.

In The Theory of Everything, Redmayne does a remarkable job portraying Stephen Hawkins. He transforms into Hawkins, and it’s easy to forget that he’s just an actor on a screen.  The Theory of Everything demonstrates hardship but also success. It does an exceptional job at playing on the viewer’s emotions and is a must-see.