“Selfie”-esteem through the roof or down the drain?


Randomly selected students from Lake Central participated in the #20beautifulpeople contest on Instagram. The purpose of the story and collage is to show the variety of people who participated in the contest, and the different views people have on the hashtag.

Veronica Davis

Over the past few days, a new trend has taken over social media using the hashtag, #20beautifulpeople or #20beautifulwomenchallenge. If someone is tagged in a friend’s post on instagram containing the hashtag, #20beautifulpeople, their task is to post a picture his/herself and tag another 20 people they view as beautiful.

“It probably made people feel good about themselves. It gave them confidence,” Nicole Verdeyen (11) said.

The real question is: will this task ultimately fulfill its duty to make those 20 people tagged in a picture feel beautiful, or will it do the complete opposite?

“I don’t really like it. Not necessarily because it’s a way to exclude people, but people are going to feel excluded when they don’t get nominated,” Anja Stanic (11) said.

For others, tagging 20 people in a post that tells them they are a beautiful person is not so much a bad thing for girls’ self-esteem.

“I think people did that because girls want to feel good about themselves for a change. It makes them feel special if they get nominated. I think whoever started doing this, did it because girls don’t tell eachother how beautiful they are very often. It was a nice change,” Emily Miklusak (11) said.