Photography frenzy


A Canon camera sits on a desk in room 9114. Photography is offered to grades 9-12 and is a one semester course.

Jessica McCullough, Author

Lake Central offers a wide variety of elective classes.  From marketing and music to FACS and fitness, LC has it all.  Photography is offered and let’s students use their creative side and earn a fine arts credit.

Photo is a one semester class taught by both Mrs. Sarah Verpooten, English, and Ms. Carrie Wadycki, English.  In the class, students learn the basics of photography and different ways to make their photos the best that they can be.

In the beginning of the class, Mrs. Verpooten or Ms. Wadycki teach the history of photography and how to correctly use a camera. These techniques are taught using videos, hands on activities and lectures.

Once students get comfortable with using their camera, they are given photo assignments to complete around the school or at home.

Tests and quizzes are given to test students’ abilities throughout the course, and for the final exam, students make a portfolio that displays their best work.