Valentine’s Day Dance


The JV Centralettes lean back in unison. Their dance had a lot of great energy this year.

Emily Rey, Author

Valentine’s Day was on Saturday, and instead of sitting at home, going on a lunch date or eating chocolates, the Centralettes hosted the annual LCDI (Lake Central Dance Invitational) competition.

“It sort of sucked [having the competition on Valentine’s Day] because you couldn’t do anything if you had a valentine, but my boyfriend worked [the competition] for me, so he was there all day. It was kind of weird because there were a lot of guys there supporting their girlfriends or whatnot … from Lake Central, Munster and Crown Point too,” Kelsie Verhoeve (11) said.

LCDI is one of the Centralettes’ last competitions, and since it was at home, it was also their Senior Night. The seniors walked across the floor as their teammates looked on.

“It was a special feeling [at the LCDI] overall because I got to dance with the seniors, and that was like the last time you would be dancing with them at the LCDI and that was their last time dancing [at this competition]. It was really nice to be able to share that moment with them,” Kristina Plaskett (11) said.