Flu Factor


Mrs. Linda Zandstra, Nurse, offers some helpful tips on how to keep from catching the flu. This flu season has been affecting more people than usual because the flu shot was not designed to attack this strain of the virus.

Sarah Bredar, Author

The rising amount of absences can be linked to a lot of different factors; however the most common one is that more students are getting sick as a result of the flu season. Many people take precautions, such as getting flu shots and taking vitamins, but it seems that not all of the bases are being covered.

“The flu season is pretty bad this year. The flu shot is not as effective for this particular strain of the flu. The shot is not meant to prevent [the current flu],” Mrs. Linda Zandstra, Nurse, said.

The flu season usually begins in the winter, so students have to be extra careful in what they share and what they do. Some students may not know if they have the flu or not, which endangers the people around them of catching it too.

“Nausea seems to be a big problem [with students]. Kids do not say that they have the flu, but their excuse for leaving is stomach pain,” Mrs. Sandy Tomich, Nurse, said.

To keep from catching the flu, there are some simple steps to take:

  • always wash your hands because touching a doorknob or even a desk is a common way to spread the flu
  • try not to share food or drinks with friends

These simple tasks can help keep you healthy and out of the nurse’s office for a while.