Are you going away or staying home?


Students prepare and plan for a tropical spring get away while some are excited to spend time alone and relax.

Emma DiPasquo

With spring break right around the corner, many students are becoming anxious and are beginning to plan their spring break getaway.

“I am going to Panama City, Fla for spring break. It’s going to be nice because I won’t be in this horrible weather and be able to enjoy some time on the beach,” Josh Taylor (10) said.

With the weather the region has been experiencing lately, many are looking forward to escaping the constant, bitter cold.

“[I am going] to California. I am looking forward to going somewhere warm,” Allie Onest (11) said.

Although, not everyone is going away, some are staying home to hang out with friends and family.

“I am staying home and am going to practice baseball a lot and hang out with all my friends,” Brad Loden (10) said.

Some students do not look forward to staying home, while others are excited to have some time to relax.

“I am just going to be sitting at home, watching Netflix, eating pizza, and enjoying myself all spring break,” Kailie Czerniawski (9) said.