Staying warm in the winter storm


Ice and snow pile on the trees as the February temperatures drop. The sun started to melt it away as it got brighter.

Tabitha Pappas, Author

The month of February has brought bone-chilling temperatures. Winter storms have caused delays and affected the students of Lake Central and other local schools.

While waiting for the bus in the morning before school and walking from cars to the building, students are forced to experience frigid weather. Many layers of scarves, hats, gloves and coats have been necessary to survive the cold.

Recently in the Northwest Indiana region, the average temperatures have been so low that schools have called two-hour delays and some cancellations. Some solutions to the cold may include waiting inside as long as possible before going to stand outside for the bus or wearing an extra coat and maybe a hat while you are outside. Some students may even purchase some hand warmers to stay warm.

The benefit of staying warm is not becoming sick and being absent.  Hopefully the cold weather will pass in few weeks, but don’t forget to stay warm and stay healthy.