Q&A: Mrs. Moreno


Mrs. Lisa Moreno, Science, grades student work in her 6th hour Zoology class on February 23rd. Mrs. Moreno began teaching Zoology two years ago.

Erin Dosen, Author

Q: How long have you been teaching Zoology?

A: This is my second year [teaching Zoology.]

Q: What made you decide to teach this class?

A: I always thought Zoology was pretty interesting. The students really liked it a lot. When one of the other teachers left, they asked me if I was interested.

Q: What is your favorite part about the class?

A: I like the diversity of all the animals and I feel like I am learning all the time, too. I also like the dissections, because I know the students really like them and I enjoy seeing them actively involved.

Q: Which animal is your favorite dissection?

A: The shark [is my favorite dissection.]