Terriers and trophies


The World Dog Awards aired on Monday, Feb. 23. Viewers tuned in to watch dogs receive awards for various categories.

Sofia Hay, Author

Dog-lovers everywhere were filled with joy during the 2015 World Dog Awards on Monday, Feb. 23. The awards show, hosted by George Lopez, included performances, awards, popular video clips and more.

“I love dogs. I was flipping through channels and saw the dog show so I decided to watch it, and I really liked it,” Cara Scott (10) said.

Awards were given out to dogs in categories such as Best in Film, Top TV Dog, Supporting Actor to a Dog and Dog of the Year. The prize for the winners was a golden hydrant statue.

“[My favorite was] when the dog from “Modern Family” won award. It was so cute,” Hannah Souronis (10) said.

The World Dog Awards also contained sections that promoted humane animal treatment and adopting animals who need a home from shelters.

“I think it was a really cute idea because it was mostly for awareness on animal abuse and stuff like that. [It encouraged] buying pets from shelters instead of just buying them from places like Petco,” Souronis said.