Seconds to smash


Nate Edvarsen (10) drills the ball to the basket in order to obtain two more points for the Indians. Edvarsen normally plays as a guard for the JV team.

Colleen Quinn, Author

The JV Indians proved their ownership of the court on Feb. 20, in a game against the school’s rivals, the Crown Point Bulldogs. The Indians had high expectations for the Bulldogs, but felt confident in earning a win. That confidence benefited the Indians because the won the game 45-44.

“We knew they were a good team, and we knew it was going to be a good game. We just wanted to come out with a win,” Nate Edvarsen (10) said.

The game took a wrong turn and Crown Point took the lead, making the score 44-42 in the fourth quarter.

“[As the point guard], you can’t get too rattled and you have to keep your composure so that your team doesn’t get rattled. You have to try to get a stop and try to get a basket,” Joseph Graziano (10) said.

In the last 16 seconds of the game, Norell Smith (10) shot a three-pointer from the corner of the court to bump the Indians into the lead with the score of 45-44.

“As Nate was bringing up the ball I was thinking that we could win this game. So before Nate passed me the ball I said in my head ‘I’ll take the last shot for my team!’ and that’s what I did,” Smith said.