Q&A: Mrs. Debbie Clausen, Food Service


Mrs. Debbie Clausen, Food Service, stands outside of the serving lines. Clausen has worked at the high school for six years.

Shannon Hearne

Q: How long have you been a food service assistant?

A: “[I have been working here] six years.”

Q: What made you interested in the food service industry?

A: “[I was interested in this job because I would get] summers off.”

Q: What are your duties in regards to meal planning and nutrition?

A: “We just serve the students. Somebody else is in charge of nutrition.”

Q: What part of your job is your favorite?

A: “[I enjoy] the kids.”

Q: What is the most interesting thing you have seen in the cafeteria?

A: “[The cafeteria] is not very interesting. It’s just messy.”

Q: Would you eat the food here?

A: “No [I would not eat here]. You can thank Michelle Obama for that.”