Ms. Ashley Kline, Guidance, makes futures bright


Ms. Ashley Kline, Guidance, sits at her desk in the Guidance Office that is located in the Freshman Center. Ms. Kline is the faculty sponsor for the club Dollars for Scholars at LC.

Jillian Wilschke

Q:What is Dollars for Scholars?

A: “It is an organization where students can volunteer for various opportunities related to Lake Central and outside of Lake Central, and in the end they become eligible for certain scholarships. They gain experience like social skills. They meet a lot of people. In the end, the benefit of it is the scholarship money,” Ms. Ashley Kline, Guidance Department, said.

Q: What is your position with Dollars for Scholars?

A: “I am the faculty sponsor of Dollars for Scholars. This is my first year doing it. I took over for Mrs. Rettig. I just basically run the meetings, update the website and add any volunteer opportunities that come up.”

Q: How did you get this position?

A: “[Mrs. Rettig] got promoted this year to our Dean of Guidance, and I took over her student caseload as far as being a counselor, and she just asked me if I could take over for Dollars for Scholars. Being new to the school this year, I just figured it was a great opportunity because it gets my name out there. Dollars for Scholars is our biggest club in the school, so it was just a good opportunity for me to get my name out there, and meet as many students as I can.”

Q: What has been your favorite part of being in charge of Dollars for Scholars?

A: “I think just basically meeting all of the students because there’s so many of them. We [also] have Mrs. [Amy] Bogenrief, who is the President of the Board for Dollars for Scholars, so just meeting the ladies that are on the board and interacting with the students is the best part.”

Q: When you graduated from Lake Central in 2006, was Dollars for Scholars a club?

A: “Yes, but I don’t remember it being so popular and well known. I am still learning about it because I never really knew what it was about and how much they do and how much they help the community. It was here, but I wasn’t necessarily educated on the whole aspect of it. It’s a great program, and it has definitely built up through the years. We help so many students with scholarships and giving them money for school, so its awesome. Having scholarships is awesome, especially nowadays that education is so expensive. I wish I would have taken advantage of the opportunities that came about when I was here at Lake Central.”

Q:What’s the hardest part of being in charge?

A: “I think just keeping track of everything. Because [the club] is so large, you have a lot of students to keep track of.”

Q: What’s been the most rewarding part of being in charge?

A: “[It’s most rewarding to see] the opportunities that come up for students, and the amount of money that is available for students that I didn’t know about otherwise if I wasn’t a part of it. It’s nice to see [students] get excited about it and work hard to earn that money that in the end they really deserve.”