First boys track meet


Tyler Kramer-Stephens (11) runs head-to-head with Crown point opponent. This was the boys’ first meet on March 11.

Erin Dosen

The boys track team started off their 2015 season on March 11. The meet took place in the Lake Central gymnasium against Crown Point High School.

“Overall, I think [the meet] went well. There is still a lot of room for improvement because it was our first meet, but I think we worked well together,” Kurtis Markiewicz (12) said.

Markiewicz is a pole vaulter that competed in the meet. The team holds high hopes for this season and their excitement is pouring in.

“I feel that we have an advantage against other schools because of our track. [The meet] had a great outcome and we did well,” Kenneth Singleton Jr. (12) said.

Parents and students filled the stands during the meet. The team members saw that each supporter gave the motivation that was needed.

“I’m excited for this season to be with everyone. Hopefully I make it to State this year,” Markiewicz said.

The optional indoor DAC meet will be held on Sat., March 14. The meet will be at Portage High School.