Q&A: Niji Shah (11)


Niji Shah (11) is a member of several clubs at Lake Central. Shah has taken part in several clubs since her freshman year.

Jodie Hodges

Q: How many clubs are you in?

A: “I don’t really know. I want to say about 10.”

Q: About how many days a week do you stay after for clubs?

A: “I usually stay after three or four days, but I try to stay after for things other than clubs, too.”

Q: Do you hold any leadership positions in these clubs?

A: “I am the president of Junior Class Cabinet, and I’m president of Future Medical Professionals, but Maddie Hirschfield (11) is the co-president.”

Q: What made you want to join so many clubs?

A: “I just like being involved. I don’t think it’s fun to go home and not do anything, so I like to be involved and get to know people. I’ve definitely become more social.”

Q: Are you in any activities outside of school?

A: “I’m in ethnic groups and cultural activities outside of school, and I choreograph the dances for those groups.”

Q:How do you balance your activities with your school work?

A: “I have a planner, and I plan out every hour of the day. I try to stay really organized because if I don’t stay organized, I have a mental breakdown.”