Freshmen fight for the light


Aaron Cappello (9) and Sophia Boeckstiegel (9) while auditioning in the play “Crushed”. The show followed several couples in their attempts at love.

Madeline Conley, Author

Every year, underclassmen get the chance to take center stage in the student-directed freshman shows. The first-year students audition for those upperclassmen who have been chosen to be directors.

“I’m excited because [for the show casts are] just freshmen, so we have a better chance to show what we can do,” Madison Frederick (9) said.

This year the students auditioned for four different shows. To do this, each student was placed in a group of five or six others who switched locations every half-hour to perform for a different group of directors.

“I thought that [the process of auditioning] was good. It was a good way to to it, but I wish we would have had more time to show what we could do because I felt, with the time limit, we didn’t have enough time to show what we can do,” Claire Kijewski (9) said.

Among the shows this year are: “Emotional Baggage,” a silent show about the emotions of strangers who meet at a train station, “Face Forward: Growing up in Nazi Germany,” a drama about children growing up during the Holocaust, “If Girls Asked Boys for Dates,” a comedy about what would happen if dating roles were reversed, and “Crushed,” a comedy about couples and their failed attempts at love.

“[All of the shows] were interesting, and I can’t wait to see them all come together,” Alexander Vrbanoff (9) said.

Freshman show performances will be April 30 and May 1 at 7 p.m.